Solutions for Social Services


Thank you for taking a look at Excellesoft. We are a provider of solutions for social services. By developing systems that pinpoint and address specific workflow and operational issues, Excellesoft is being recognized as one of California's premier leaders in the development of cost-effective technology solutions.

We Get It
Funds are tight, your staff have to do the jobs of several people, case workers are overloaded, and the backlog of work keeps piling up. Are the technology solutions you put in place going to increase the level of frustration or are they going to alleviate it? We go with the latter. Systems and technology are the tools to do a job- they should not be the job. A person should not need to be a computer expert to use a system that is an integral part of their daily activities.

Elegantly Simple
That's our philosophy for the systems we design. We create clear, intuitive user screens, driven by sophisticated programming. The features and the functions of the system are consistent throughout for usability, reliability, and the overall system is more easily maintained and enhanced.

Confidence & Security
Excellesoft's systems are HIPAA compliant and meet the security and privacy requirements for MediCal PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Our systems are backed up nightly, with the backup data stored in a secure, alternate location for peace of mind.

Information & Data Sharing
Excellesoft can work with your Information Technology department so client data can be securely shared between our systems and your other systems. The more information that is readily available at your fingertips, the better you can make informed decisions and take the best course of action.

Our experience distinguishes us from other system development firms. Our senior management, programmers, and project staff all have extensive experience in the social services/human services sector. Our experience gives us the insight to create industry-leading solutions.

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